Dunbar House Restaurant & Tea Room overlooking beautiful Shawme Pond, serves lunch & afternoon tea 7 Days a Week from 11-4, located at 1 Water Street in Sandwich, the oldest town on Cape Cod.

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 Beer, Ale & Cider



Old Speckled Hen (12 fl. oz.) - Suffolk, England  

A wonderful, warm flavor bursting with body. Malt loaf and toffee flavors combine

to give a beautiful balanced sweetness. $7.50


Boddington Pub Ale (16 fl. oz.) - Manchester, England   

Originally from the Strangeways district of Manchester this famous pale-gold ale

imparts a distinctive creamy head and smooth body through a unique draught system.

Nicknamed the .Cream of Manchester. $7.50


Samuel Smith's Pale Ale (12 fl. oz.) - Tadcaster, Yorkshire, England 

Great pour, excellent head retention. Creamy and very nutty, a full flavored beer

with a nice hop balance on the back end. $7.50


Samuel Adams Light (12 fl. oz.) - Boston, Massachusetts 

This brew balances a clean flavorful taste and smooth finish. Bright amber color

with a creamy head are the result of using the world.s best ingredients. The Spalt Spalter hops

(grown in Germany) used in this brew are among the most expensive in the world. $6.50


O'Hara's Irish Stout (11.2 fl. oz.) - Carlow, Ireland 

Voted #1 prestigious Champion Stout. An extra pinch of roasted barley and crystal clear Irish water

and just enough malt gives this delicious stout the right balance with a discernible roast bite. $7.50


Mayflower's "Porter" Ale (12 fl. oz.) - Plymouth, Massachusetts 

Based on "Three Threads". A blend of three distinct ales, this porter became the drink of choice

for 18th century Londoners. This ale embraces this tradition with a smooth and complex brew.  $7.50


Whale Tale Pale Ale (12 fl. oz.) - Nantucket, Massachusetts  

An amber English-style ale that has a nice balance between hops and malt. Very versatile

in terms of pairing with food or people. $7.00


Angry Orchard Hard Cider (12 fl. oz.) - Cincinatti, Ohio

Very fresh, crisp apple flavor made from apples grown in France and Italy with a slightly dry, fermented, almost yeast like side a roma that is very pleasant. $6.50


"Cider & Black" (12 fl. oz) 

"Angry Orchard" cider with a splash of Rinena $7.00




Cape Cod Beer: Blonde

Drink in the sunshine with this light and refreshing American blonde ale. Perfect for beach,

backyard or relaxing after a hard day’s work. 7.50


Cape Cod Beer - Porter

This deliciously drinkable dark malty ale was once favored by dock workers and laborers of

London’s East End. Don’t be afraid of the dark! 7.75


Guinness Extra Stout

Experience a robust, mellow and satisfying flavor when drinking this infamous brew that is

enjoyed in over 150 countries. 7.75



Exclusive beechewood aging produces a smoothness and drinkability unlike any other

beer. 7.50


Bud Light

Brewed with a malt and hops ratio different from any other beer creating a distinctively crisp

taste. 6.50


Corona Extra

A Mexican pale lager with a crispy, refreshing taste and dry finish. 7.50


Fuller’s ESB

This unique blend of Northdown, Target, Challenger and Goldings hops balances the rich

malty notes for a smooth, full bodied beer bursting with marmalade fruitiness

throughout. 7.50


IPA (India Pale Ale)

This aggressively dry hopped ale has a smooth bitterness balanced with a medium malt and

lovely apricot and vanilla aroma the lures you in for more. 7.50



This award winning white beer is brewed with a generous amount of wheat and is spiced with

coriander and Curacao orange peel leaving a fruity and refreshing taste. 7.75


Samuel Adams: Boston Lager

A wonderfully flavorful, full-bodied and balanced brew. 7.75