Dunbar House Restaurant & Tea Room overlooking beautiful Shawme Pond, serves lunch & afternoon tea 7 Days a Week from 11-4, located at 1 Water Street in Sandwich, the oldest town on Cape Cod.

508 833-2485 

 Our Tea Selection

We carry over 150 different teas from around the world. 


Dunbar Tea

Our house tea, a delicious blend of black tea, cranberry & essence of almond $4.25


English Breakfast

A refreshing blend of Indian & Ceylonese black teas $3.95

Decaffeinated $4.50


Earl Grey

A black Chinese tea scented with oil of bergamont $3.95

Decaffeinated $4.50



Black tea from India’s Brahmaputra Valley with a rich, brisk flavour $3.95

Usually taken with milk.



A light, aromatic, superior black tea from the Himalayan foothills with a hint

of wildflowers and Muscat grapes  $3.95



Select black tea with essence of ginger. A romantic blend for lords and ladies $4.25


Lapsong Souchong

A smoky Chinese tea $3.95


Formosa Oolong

 The “Champagne of Teas”

Semi-fermented tea from the island of Taiwan $3.95



 Select black tea with essence of blackcurrant $3.95


Icewine Tea

 Ceylon tea with Icewine from Vidal or Riesling grapes $3.95


Maple Tea

 A premium quality tea with natural maple flavoring $3.95


Apricot Tea

 A very elegant tea that is masterfully flavored with the warm almost nutty $3.95

flavour of apricot



 Hand rolled young green tea leaves from China $3.95



 Chinese green tea with jasmine petals $3.95


China Mutan White

 A pale brew that is delicate and mellow $3.95


Chamomile or Peppermint

 Herbal infusions $3.95



 Caffeine-free, herbal tea native to Africa

Called the “miracle tea” as it contains many nutrients, minerals, vitamin C and antioxidants $3.95


Iced Tea

 Variety of flavors, ask your server $3.00


Hot of Iced Chai

Darjeeling tea, milk and spices $3.95


Assorted Juices and Cordials

 Cranberry, apple, lemon or orange barley water (as served at Wimbledon)

or Ribena (a black currant drink) $3.00


Ginger Beer

Sparkling ginger drink $4.50


Hot Chocolate

with whipped cream $3.95


 Gourmet Coffee

Cafetiére Style$4.25

Mail Ordering Tea: Please call us at 508 833-2485 and we'll ship it to you.